#1745 Business Coordinator


Position Title: Business Coordinator
Location: Richmond / Indiana
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Salary: $40-60K

Job Responsibilities
- Sales & Marketing / Sales Representative to existing and potential customers
1. Answer customer correspondence ranging from daily inquiries, quoting, quality issues, and general pricing negotiations via email, telephone, and in-person meetings.
2. Obtain new business by regular sales calls/meetings with customers and following the RFQs.
3. Seek out potential new customers for new business opportunities and execute cold calls, presentation, and obtain RFQs for revenue growth.
4. Maintain maximum profitability of businesses by correctly pricing the items as per internal approval process.
5. Will be directly responsible for sales and marketing under supervision of AM and GM—will report to both.
6. Maintain good customer relationships.

- Logistics/Supply Chain management
1. Oversee general supply chain/logistics management of our products coming from overseas based on customer needs and lead time
2. Manage or execute adequate supply chain control by reflecting the current situation surrounding customer forecasts, orders, inventory, and lead time
3. Work with warehouse to adequately control space and inventory.

- General administrations of warehouse/office management
1. Manage general HR for our workers (office/warehouse) relations.
2. Overall management of our daily operations coordinating with office admin and warehouse workers

Job Qualifications
• Sales/Marketing experience at a manufacturing firm
• Microsoft skills (Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, PDF)
• Experience at a Japanese manufacturing firm a plus (no Japanese language required)
• High school diploma or higher
• Has a valid driver's license and good driving history
• Eagerness to challenge new things

Job Number/ID 1745
Job Type Direct Hire Exempt Full Time
Location / State Richmond / Indiana
Salary $40-60K
Language English
Visa Sponsor No
Agent Name Mebae (May) Komuro
Inquiry mkomuro@bond-consultants.com

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