About Us

BOND CONSULTANTS GROUP strives to create bonds & relationships between companies and individuals.

We provide professional human resource services to various industries, including…

Animal Science
Real Estate
Food / Meat / Beverage
Banking / Finance

What We Do

Recruiting Service

  • Permanent Employment
  • Short/Long-term temporary Employment
  • Part Time Employment

We handle a variety of positions and are committed to presenting potential candidates' resumes utilizing our own proven methods.

Find the best candidates

Finding professional talent with specific professional skills, can be challenging. Our connections with these top talents make it possible to find the best candidates for your needs, and we strive to introduce you to the most qualified candidates in a timely manner.

Job Order


We recruit for candidates for the position utilizing our experience and proven methods.

Pre Screening

We will conduct pre interview screenings with candidates, and ensure the candidates match the qualifications your company is searching for.

Introduction Form Our Experienced Recruiter

We will send candidate’s resume with an introduction, which includes detailed candidate information which may not be apparent on their resume. This may include the level of certain language, unlisted related experience, their reasoning of looking for a new employment, their desired salary and soon.


We will assist you in setting up as many interviews as needed.

Background Check

Our placement services include 1. Nation Wide Criminal Background Check 2. SSN Validation and 3. SSN Trace at no charge to you.
Other pre-employment screening is also available upon request with an additional fee.

Offer Letter Signing / Contract Signing

We ensure both parties come to a mutual agreement upon singing the offer letter, and we negotiate the terms of employment as needed.


Our services include continuous support and follow up from the assigned agent.

Types of positions we handle

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • General Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Assistant
  • System Analyst
  • Java Developer
  • Real Estate investor relations
  • Civil Engineer
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Import-Export
  • Service Engineer
  • Food Scientist
  • HR Specialist
  • Accountant
  • Product Management
  • Production etc…

Professional Human Resources Service

Bond Consultants is offering professional Bilingual (English/Japanese) HR consulting services. With our many years of expereince in recruitment, we are able to provide consulting services while understanding both the employees and employers points of view. Our consulting services are tailored and customized to fit the needs of each client. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Project Based

  • Job Analysis
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Performance Appraisal Review
  • Drafting of Sample HR Forms

HR Seminars

  • General HR Seminar
  • HR Training
  • Sexual Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Trainings
  • Onboarding and Termination Seminars

HR Outsourcing

  • Act as clients HR point of contact for all company HR matters