7 Things You Should Do for a Successful Video Interview

03.12.2021 | Blog


It has been a tough and stressful period for all of us because of COVID-19, but we still have to keep it going!


We, Bond Consultants members are here to support/ help you find your ideal job, so in this article, let us share with you “7 Things You Should Do” to have a successful VIDEO interview with employees.



1. Wear business Attire

Please wear a business formal outfit for your video interview. Because the first impression of you is very important to get an ideal job, please be as formal as you would go to an in-person interview. 

To look good on the screen, you might want to avoid bright colors or busy patterns outfits. In addition to your business attire, make sure that your background is also clean and not looking dirty or busy on your screen!


2. Test your device

Don’t forget to test your device before the video interview. You can ask your friends or family members to have a chat through a video call, or you can go “setting” of the video call platform you will use to test the microphone, speaker, and camera. Also, please make sure how to mute/ unmute your microphone and get familiar with it. 


3. Have a better eye contact

You might unconsciously have less eye contact especially during the video interview, but please try your best to have natural eye contact to give a better first impression of you. I understand that you might feel as natural as the in-person interview is, but it is very important to have eye contact with employers. It brings employers to understand that you are focusing on the video interview, and you are engaging/ listening to them very well. 


4. Practice before the actual interview

Especially if it is your first time having a video interview, let’s be overly prepared for it. You can ask your friends or family members to practice with since you do not know how you look on the screen when you are having an interview. Get some advice from them and be aware of what you can do to give interviewers the best first impression through video interviews! 


5. Show up a few minutes early

If you have a video interview at 10:00 am, please be ready at least 9:50 am (10 minutes before the starting time). Even though it’s a video interview, it is still a part of business manner that you show up on the interview a little early. 

Also, please charge your device and close unnecessary tabs before the interview. Being completely ready for the interview gives you confidence and focus on the interview. 


6. Keep your posture straight

First, find a place where you can feel physically comfortable to have a video interview. Since you are not sitting in front of employers, it is normal to feel a little more relaxing; however, please try to maintain good posture during the video interview so that interviewers won’t assume that you are not well prepared for the interview. 

Keeping your posture straight seems like a very small thing, but it helps you to have a better focus on the interview, and you look good on the screen as well. 


7. Relax and do your best 

Lastly, get a glass of water, find a comfortable space, and relax. Since you have gone through these 6 hints above, you should be fine! Also, be yourself and have confidence in your video interview, don’t overthink about” what if I make a mistake…” DO YOUR BEST is the most important. 


 Finally, here are some video interview tips for you. 

  • Treat your video interview like a conversation
  • Let the other person (interviewer) finish speaking
  • Make sure your phone is silent
  • Prepare a piece of paper and a pen to take note
  • Have a copy of your resume with you
  • Use hand gestures when it’s appropriate 
  • Prepare some questions 


We hope this article will help you to have a successful video interview, and we are wishing you good luck with your coming up interviews!