#1826 Production Planner and Coordinator


Position Title: Production Planner and Coordinator
Location: Atlanta / Georgia
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Salary: $70K-75K

Essential Duties:

  1. Safety and environment
    • To follow all safety and environmental policies and programs, as well as legally mandated standards
    • To improve safety, 5S, and working environment.
  2. Quality
    • To follow all product and process drawing, standards and specification.
    • To ensure the customers are satisfied with our quality.
    • To reduce any risk in quality defects by improving our process and its system.
  3. Delivery on time
    • To ensure the production capacity for customers’ needs including upcoming needs.
    • To ensure the customers are satisfied with our delivery on time by coordinating supply chain, production, and shipping.
  4. Multiple roles and responsibilities in the following list are expected on this job, which are assigned by the manager.
  5. Customer care
    • Processing customer orders and shipments according to the established schedule.
    • To get customer forecasts and maintain it in the system
    • Communicate customers about the delivery issues
  6. Production planning
    • To review customers’ orders, forecast, and accordingly establish priorities and schedules to maximize productivity while meeting customers' requirements.
    • To manage the inventory including materials, WIP, and finished goods.
    • Scheduling shipments to customers including special shipping needs.
    • Follow through the entire process to make the delivery to customers on time.
    • Inventory reporting to Accounting
  7. Supply chain and purchasing
    • Material, components, and sub materials’ sourcing to meet our production needs on time.
    • Communicate our suppliers to make them On-time delivery to our needs

Other Duties:


  1. ERP system
  2. Basic of product and process
  3. Standard cost
  4. Inventory management
  5. Effective listening skills, and negotiation skills

There are no minimal educational requirements for this position.  Individuals are qualified based on achieved educational levels, transferable work experience, positive attitude to learn and to adhere with all job functional expectations and aptitude as demonstrated and depicted during the selection process.

Decision Making:

  1. Prioritizing delivery of materials
  2. Prioritizing production plan of various items
  3. Transportation, Truck, Air freight


  1. Positive communication with customers, suppliers, production and its support departments

Results of Action:

  1. Maintain a sustainable relationship with customers to grow the sales and profitability for a long term.
  2. Achieve the goals of the company and departmental scorecard.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Equipment Used:

Computer (Google, Microsoft Office, i5, ERP and Barcode System)

Knowledge Skills:

  1. Company policies and procedures.
  2. Leadership
  3. Managerial decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, and training skills.
  4. Possess technical knowledge of product line, process, and machinery.
  5. Understanding of company goals and customer requirements.
  6. Basic computer skills (Google, Microsoft Office, i5, ERP and Barcode System).
  7. Listening and Negotiation skill.
Job Number/ID 1826
Job Type Direct Hire Exempt Full Time
Location / State Atlanta / Georgia
Salary $70K-75K
Language English
Visa Sponsor No
Agent Name Mebae (May) Komuro
Inquiry mkomuro@bond-consultants.com

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