#1838 Senior Marketing Manager


Position Title: Senior Marketing Manager
Location: Chicago / Illinois
Keyword: / /
Salary: 100-130K


  1. Develops plans for business projects. Determines and establishes the strategy and
    the methodology for the project. Requires securing financing arrangements,
    negotiating with the manufacturer for production contracts or other special
    arrangements, negotiating with the buyer to meet their needs yet ensure profit for the
    company based on the assumed risk of the deal. May negotiate exclusive
    distribution rights for the US and/or abroad, for production arrangements based on
    speculation (without a contract buyer).
  2. Maintains existing business with established clients, by processing their orders,
    ensuring that their purchase arrives on an efficient, timely basis and addressing their
    inquiries. Prepares bid, and if successful with bid, negotiates all facets of the contract.
    Consistently works to expand and strengthen the client relationship.
  3. For both established and new clients, incumbent negotiates sales contracts with the
    objective of maximizing profit yet providing value to both the supplier and customer.
    Requires cost and cash flow analyses to determine the appropriate buying and selling
  4. May be responsible for the management of a Group Company that originated from a
    segment of business.
  5. Monitors the business projects sponsored by agencies such as the World Bank or
    other organizations, in the world markets. Determines the potential business
    opportunities. Research other business opportunities by determining who the
    suppliers/manufacturers are, the buyers and how the product can be adapted so that
    the market could be increased. Build a network of business contacts.
  6. Knowledgeable of industry, keeps informed of all trends, new products, and general
    economic conditions in the industry and the global markets. Must be able to use this
    information to adjust/adapt the business to exploit market opportunities.
  7. Requests credit reviews for suppliers and customers from the credit department. In
    conjunction with the Credit Managers, incumbent determines the level of credit to be
    extended. Monitors payment schedule. Determines interest due on late payments.
    Prepares review reports showing the status of the transactions.
  8. Manages the preparation of documents required for the processing of the business
    transaction. Coordinates with the operation staff to complete documentation.
  9. Participates in projects as assigned by manager.

Minimum nine (9) years' experience or a combination of training and experience which
indicates the ability to do the job. Requires thorough knowledge of international trade
procedures, customs laws, bookkeeping principles, etc. Requires extensive knowledge of
procedures for shipping, air transportation, freight forwarders. Working knowledge of
Excel and Word, and the operation of a PC. Must have a network of business contacts
and extensive knowledge of the product(s) that are to be sold, such as technical workings
of the project, environmental and economic situations that would affect usage, and how the buyers use it. Excellent communication and negotiation skills required. Must have
extensive knowledge of how to construct a complete business deal from preliminary
negotiating and financing through the delivery. Should be able to adapt to a cross-cultural


Job Number/ID 1838
Job Type Direct Hire Exempt Full Time Hybrid
Location / State Chicago / Illinois
Salary 100-130K
Language English
Visa Sponsor No
Agent Name Mebae (May) Komuro
Inquiry mkomuro@bond-consultants.com

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